Spark up the fire

I am excited to announce the release of “Spark up the fire”, the first track on the, as of yet, untitled demo for my new solo project, “C”.  There will be three more songs on the demo, coming out soon!  All four songs were recorded in January when I was in New York visiting with my good friend, Daniel DeKalb (of the band One Red Martian).  The best thing about this demo is that it is only a precursor to, and very simplistic shadow of, the full length album that I’ll be releasing later this year. Keep an eye out for details on the Kickstarter campaign I’ll be launching in a couple of months to help fund the production of this long overdue LP.

This song in particular holds a very special place in my heart as it deals with some early childhood trauma that has had rippling effects in my life. I want to acknowledge a couple of people who helped to inspire this song, and thus, helped to inspire great healing within me. Continue reading →